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If the issue of delayed payment persists for a longer time, it might hit earnings of farmers from the region as Punjab and Haryana account for over 70-75% of the total volume-wise exports. The small farmers were apprised about the utility of the Quick Response Code Card. It was observed that the small farmers were not getting proper price of their products.

Iran Suggests Barter Trade With India For Sectors Like Agri, Drugs

Cultivation of wild marigold has resulted in the production of 7.6 tonnes of essential oil in Himachal Pradesh alone with revenue generation of Rs. 5.56 crores benefitting 861 farmers. Different small societies of progressive farmers have been formed in different states by CSIR-IHBT. Nineteen processing units have been set up for these societies to empower the farmers for production of essential oils, said Dr Kumar. In these tough times for agriculture in Northern belt on account of non-remunerative returns and increasing incidences of crop loss owing to wild animals, Himachal Pradesh is flexing its flower power. It has become the largest producer of high quality wild marigold essential oil in the country to meet the demand of perfume, flavouring, and condiment industries. During the day, he also chaired a video conference with Deputy Commissioners of Kashmir Division to discuss the roll out of the Special Market Intervention Price Scheme of Government of India , being introduced to procure nearly 12 lakh MTs of Apple produce.

The cost comes down while using native seeds, and it has made farming a lot profitable”, said, Selvan, a farmer in Pudukkottai. Besides issuing seeds, the company operates procurement centres to buy harvested crop. BKS in a presentation to the Chief Minister said that agriculture scientists in the country have serious difference of opinion about the use of GM technology in enhancing the mustard production. Kulkarni added that the Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee needs to be further strengthened. Among the oilseeds, mustard has been the focus of scientists for introducing GM because of its extensive use in the country. Just like cotton has bollworm as a pest, mustard also has a natural pest called diamond black moth, which cannot be controlled by any chemical pesticide. The Bharatiya Kisan Sangh , an affiliate of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, has vehemently opposed the genetical modification technology in agriculture, especially in oilseeds.

The state government has asked the LIC of India and public service centres to promote the scheme and to motivate farmers to join the scheme.’’ “However, as many farmers do not take insurance at all, we are facing problems motivating them. Monthly contributions by the farmers for the the pension scheme can be made from instalments of PMKISAN or through CSCs .

Goa Plans To Pay Farmers To ‘re

dgd price prediction

Centre Plans Wider Method To Measure Income Of Farmers

With a relatively stable price in the global market due to consistent supplies, Tilapia fetches $6.5 per kg, Fitzsimmons, who is heading the Myanmar Sustainable Aquaculture Programme , said. However, he pointed out that India is lagging behind in Tilapia production and has the potential to double the figure to 40,000 tonnes in the next 2 %url% to 3 years, especially with its Genetically Improved Farmed Tilapia varieties. Cage farms, reservoirs, ponds, irrigation canals all have the potential to grow this fish along with other species such as shrimps, carps, scampi etc. The existing aquaculture industry can also play a major role for the rapid development of Tilapia farming.

dgd price prediction

It is for the first time, 60 per cent of the estimated annual apple production, which last year stood at 20 lakh MTs will be procured from the apple growers nearer their door steps. The scheme is expected to enhance dgd price prediction the income of the growers in Kashmir Valley by about Rs 2,000 crore. Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis recently told that since 2007, suggestions have been made to reduce sugarcane cultivation to save water.

Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir, Director Horticulture, Kashmir, Director, Agriculture, Kashmir, Director, Jammu & Kashmir Horticulture Process and Marketing Corporation , representatives of NAFED and other senior officers attended the meeting through video conferencing. Under the scheme, the Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, GoI and the National Agriculture youtube video Cooperative Marketing Federation of India will procure apple in J&K from the growers/aggregators so as to ensure remunerative prices for the apple crop. Jammu & Kashmir Chief Secretary BVR Subrahmanyam announced stage is set for procuring nearly 12 lakh MTs of apple produce this season from the apple growers of Kashmir division at remunerative prices.

Choosing Data Space On The Web

dgd price prediction

Earlier this year, there was some cheer among the growers due to increase in the export of Basmati. According to some estimates, payment for 1 lakh tonne of Basmati worth Rs 1,000 crore has been delayed. Perturbed over the issue, the exporters have sought intervention of the Central government into the issue. According to Agricultural and Processed Foods Exports Development Authority, total Basmati exports from the country touched 8.64 lakh tonnes during April-May 2019. Out of this, Basmati dgd price prediction exports to Iran were 3.33 lakh tonnes as compared to 2.41 lakh tonnes in during the same period. “Payment against Indian basmati shipments to Iran has got stuck at Iranian ports as Government of Iran has stopped issuing Indian currency to Iranian rice importers without any prior notice. According to estimates, around 1 lakh tonne of basmati valued at around Rs 1,000 crore is lying at Iranian ports,” said Vinod Kumar Kaul, executive director, All India Rice Exporters Association.

He added that all sugarcane cultivation in drought-hit Marathwada should be brought under micro-irrigation and alternate crops should be taken up where drought has been perennial. However, this is not for first time that the Chief Minister has expressed concern over excessive use of water for sugarcane cultivation. In 2017, the State government made drip irrigation compulsory for sugarcane dgd price prediction cultivation. The State announced loans of up to Rs85,400 per hectare at subsidised interest rates of 2 per cent to farmers. However, the scheme remains on paper and farmers continue to use the traditional irrigation system to grow sugarcane. Twenty-six of the State’s 36 districts faced water scarcity last season, but still the State produced 1,067.81 lakh quintals of sugar.

Blocklancer Creates A Place For Employers And Freelancers To Cooperate

Dr Sanjay Kumar, Director, CSIR-IHBT said to promote cultivation of these aromatic crops among the farmers, a complete package of agro and processing technologies has been developed dgd price prediction and executed in the farmers’ fields to help them realize the profits. In fact, in the last two years, CSIR-IHBT has brought more than 500 hectares area under these crops.