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While this list may seem insignificant, the banning of the move Curse may change the upcoming regional championships metagame quite a bit. Aside from Curse, I doubt many players will miss not being able to use Shuckle’s Power Trick gimmick for the time being. Turns out Curse wasn’t the only move making games freeze, but how do we know if this list is complete?

In a sudden rules document update, TPCI has mandated that the moves Curse, String Shot, Forest Curse and Power Trick are prohibited at official check this out Play! The latest Pokémon games are racing to the top of 3DS’ bestselling games. Connecting online with a save linked to the PGL automatically starts Game Sync as long as you’ve used it once.

So basically when you connect online by pressing the Wi-Fi button on the right, you’ll either get an error message meaning you’re banned or nothing will show up meaning you’re not banned? The possible issue is that Ash’s costume looks very similar to blackface, a type of make-up used by non-black people to create a theatrical or costumed caricature of black people. Blackface is considered to be racist around the world and was largely abandoned in the United States during the Civil Rights movement.

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The February event is going to be a Double Battle competition, and it will follow VGC 2017 rules that entail the use of the Pokédex for the Alola region creatures only. Although this will require the use of Alola Pokémon only, some creatures are banned from joining. Players will not be allowed to use Solgaleo, Lunala, Magearna, Cosmog, Cosmoen, Necrozma and Zygarde during the battles. While Snorlax is still a great Pokemon in the 2018 metagame, its usage will likely drop dramatically during the time of this rule change. Having to give up the preferred set-up move in Curse as well as the information game about a Snorlax’s move set might just be too big of a blow to Snorlax’s viability for the time being.

This is what is known as a "soft-ban" which doesn’t kick players out entirely, but cuts off features instead. In this case, Pokémon catching – a rather vital part of the game that encourages you to ‘catch ’em all’, we’d say. A Pokémon Goplayer who attempted to earn over a million XP a day was "soft banned" from the game after it mistook him for a cheater. We encourage all players to follow the instructions in the manual that came with their game in order to protect their saved game data and the Pokémon that they have raised.

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Going forward, we will take similar actions at regular intervals if we continue to identify players using game data that has been modified in an unauthorized way. If we identify that certain players are repeatedly engaging in such unauthorized behavior, further restrictive actions may be taken against them without warning. It has come to our attention that a small number of players participating in Rating Battles, Online Competitions, and Global Missions have engaged in unauthorized modification of their game data.