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Family Members. Francis Cooke hitched Hester Mahieu that is le July 1603, un 12 8 3

Family Members. Francis Cooke hitched Hester Mahieu that is le July 1603, un 12 8 3

“Couk, Franchoys to England, Wool-comber, accompanied simply by Phillipe de Veau to Raphael Roelandt their acqaintance. Betrothed. 30 June 1603 in order to Hester Mahieu of Canterbury inside England, accompanied. Through Jenne Mahieu the girl mom then Jenne Mahieu this girl sibling. ” 11 3

Though Hester Mahieu is actually indexed while “out of Canterbury, ” this girl was really Walloon, French-speaking Belgian, and never English. Some Walloons were livas part ofg inside Canterbury, involved with each textile trades. 12

  1. John, is baptized inside un 188
  2. A kid is hidden as part of un 8
  3. Jane, came to be concerning 1609 at un 8
  4. Elizabeth, had been baptized as part of un 8
  5. Jacob, was created concerning 1618. That he hitched (one) Damaris Hopkins right after 10, 1646, in Plymouth and had seven children june. This person hitched (two) Elizabeth (Lettice) Shurtleff upon November eighteen, 1669, as part of Plymouth then experienced a couple offspring. This person passed away at Plymouth inside 1675 december. 8
  6. Hester, came to be more than 1620 as part of un 8
  7. Mary, was created inside Plymouth concerning 1625. This girl married John Tompson at 26, 1645, in Plymouth and had twelve children december. This girl died at M 138

Note: Francis Cooke hitched Hester Mahieu as part of un 13

Note: “to emerging 12 months’s time, 1608, the type of admitted towards communion with page concerning move at different Walloon congregation are `Francois Cooke et Esther sa femme, de Norwich’. Your entry notifies people it prior to 1608, that the Cooke-Mahieu few experienced were livas part ofg at Norwich among the list of Walloons here. These ev 14 15 12

Note: “Scholars during the un 14 15 12 Note: 2 most daughters, Hester plus Mary, had been created towards Francis and also Hester Cooke at Plymouth. 12

Note: that date concerning their wedding inside Hester Mahieu inside Leyden, Holland has recently many times become im printed wrongly ( ag e.g., 30 June 1603) 3. But a write-up inside Mayflower Descendant 27:145-55 (unique lighter to Francis Cooke and also His spouse Hester Mahieu to his or her Son John) would go to very good problems to offer one approximated date to states that their the last posted date is wrong. Marriage motives were entered July four, 1603 to July five, 1603 which means that the 3 banns had been proclaimed July six, July thirteen to July twenty (several successive Sundays); so, each wedding happened in otherwise shortly after July 20, 1603. Hester Mahieu, each daugther out of Jennie le Mahieu concerning Canterbury, England passed away. Once June eight, 1666 inside Plymouth. 19

Note: Jacob Cooke came to be up to 1618 inside Leyden, Holland. (590)(591) Rosser: through deposition, MD 2:45 This person emigrated at 1623 off Plymouth, MA. Included mother Hester when you look at the Anne. This person passed away Bet 11-18 Dec 1675 inside Plymouth, MA. (592) Can out of son, John, Rosser MB&D, Vol one, p. 316 two children that are additonal Sarah (potential) created more than 1671, then Rebecca (most likely) lifestyle eleven December 1675. Timber P. 55 moms and dads: |parents that are 55 Francis Cooke Mayflower then Hester un Mahieu. 20

Lifestyle as part of England

Lifetime as part of England: Francis Cooke plus their families devoted many amount of time in Norwich, Norfolk in between 1606 as well as 1608, nevertheless the function was as yet not known. Hester Cooke 13

Lifetime as part of Holland

Lifetime inside Holland: Francis Cooke is located in un 3 their wife’s family members had been Walloons, first from city to Lille at Flanders, arriving at un 13

Each Mayflower to Plymouth

“your names of these what arrived more than very first, within the season 1620, plus had been simply by your blessing out of Jesus that beginsideners ththe bestt tend to be 1st inside one kind the inspiration of all of the Plantations as well as Colonies at New England; to their loved ones. “Francis Cooke along with his son John; nevertheless their spouse along with other kids arrived a while later. ” 21 22 12

Francis found its way to Plymouth as part of 1620 on Mayflower together with adolescent son John. 12 8

Hester Mayhieu Cooke additionally the partners couple remaining kids, Jane as well as Jacob, appeared regarding the Anne at 1623. 12 8

Inside 1620, Francis, their son John, and also nephew Philippe de Lannoy boarded Speedwell in Delftshaven. Cooke kept wife Hester and their younger kids at the rear of to follow along with if the colony is founded. That ship was bought by the Leiden Separatists as part of Holland. Then they sailed this in order to Southampton, England to meet up your Mayflower, that have been chartered because of the vendor investors. At Southampton that they joined up alongside with different Separatists while the additional colonists employed by just that investors.

The 2 vessels began your voyage upon 5, 1620, but the Speedwell leaked badly and had to return to Dartmouth to be refitted at great expense and time august. From the next effort, the 2 vessels sailed up to hundred leagues past Property’s end up in Cornwall, however the Speedwell is once again receive become leaky. Each vessels came ultimately back towards Plymouth in which the Speedwell ended up being offered. It could subsequently become unmasked your there is in reality absolutely absolutely nothing incorrect because of the ship. Their team have sabotaged that it to be able to escape each long commitment of their contract year.

11 folks from their Speedwell (like Francis to John Cooke) boarded your Mayflower, making twenty someone (such as Robert Cushman to Philippe de Lannoy) towards go back to London thelthough your combined service concerning 103 proceeded each voyage. The Mayflower headed for the New World for a third time. This girl remaining Plymouth regarding 6, 1620 and entered Cape Cod Harbor on November 11, 1620 september. Each Fortune ultimately implemented, reaching Plymouth Colony any season down the road November nine, 1621.

Coming to what’s this time Provincetown, Massachusetts, upon November eleven (November 21, new-style work schedule), forty-one associated with people, included in this Francis Cooke, finalized that Mayflower lightweight due to the fact ship lay in anchor.

Francis ended up being active at Plymouth civil matters when you look at the 1630s as well as 40s: committees inside set down secure funds as well as highways, petit jury, grand jury, coroner’s jury. That he appearance regarding the 1643 Plymouth directory of people capable keep arms. A few miles from Plymouth at some point in 1638 or afterward, he settled at Rocky Nook on Jones River, within the limits of Kingston. 23

Inside 1651, other Pilgrim William Bradford had written concerning him: “Francis Cooke continues to be residing, a rather older guy, and also hath spotted their kids’ kids need kiddies. Following their spouse came more than along with other concerning their kids; this person hath 3 yet lifestyle with the woman, each hitched and have now 5 offspring, so that his or her enhance was 8. Along with his son John that came more than using him try hitched, then hath 3 offspring residing. ” 21 Francis Cooke died as part of 1663 as part of Plymouth. 24

Signer of this Mayflower Compact

Francis Cooke: Signer for the Mayflower lightweight

” I will. Start with a combo manufactured with consumers prior to that they arrived ashore; to be the initial foundation concerning their national within destination. Occasioned partly with that the discontented to mutinous speeches it a few of the strangers in the ship: That when they came ashore they would use their own liberty, for none had power to command them, the patent they had being for Virginia and not for New England amongst them had let fall from them. To partly your this kind of work by just consumers done, this one his or her shape thought about, could be since company when all patent, plus in most respects a lot more yes.

“the proper execution ended up being since followeth: IN TITLE concerning Jesus, AMEN. People whoever names have always been underwritten, your dedicated topics out of your fear Sovereign Lord master Bisexual dating service James, because of the elegance to Jesus of good Britain, France plus Ireland King, Defender for the Faith, and so on. Suffering from undertaken, the Glory out of Jesus and also development associated with the Religious Faith and also Honour out of your master then nation, the Voyage towards plant 1st Colony within the north elements of Virginia, do by just all gifts solemnly then mutually into the existence to Jesus and something of some other, Covenant and also incorporate ourselves together right into a Civil human anatomy Politic, for the much healthier buying then conservation and also furtherance associated with the stops aforesa 2112 that is22

Lifetime as part of Latest England

Lifetime at emerging England: Francis Cooke along with his son John stumbled on newer England aboard your Mayflower. Hester, Jane, Jacob then Hester joined up with consumers during summer to 1623, coming through regarding the Anne otherwise bit James. Francis was at each 1633 directory of Plymouth freemen then offered upon some committees and also juries over time. While this person owned property in the North River plus Namaskett, that he stayed at Plymouth. 13