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Challenge the online match rankings or story modes as series veterans like Nightmare, Mitsurugi, and Cervantes or with your own custom-made warrior using the game’s deep Create-a-Soul mode. Rivals of Aether is a platform fighting game set in the world of Aether, a magical world currently undergoing a war for superiority between various civilizations using the powers of the elements. In the background lurks an evil force taking advantage of the conflict. Fighting games can be a very challenging genre when compared to others. Multiple combatants duking it out until one is left standing while executing complicated combos where one incorrect button input could spell your defeat. It’s daunting, but when you come out on top, the levels of satisfaction gained is unlike anything else. We have compiled some of the most exemplary fighting games on the market for our roundups of best Xbox One games and best Xbox Series X, Series S games.

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Arcades are difficult to find today, but fortunately, fighting games are still around and just as popular as ever. There are dozens of fighting games to choose from, but some modern games, according to Metacritic, are some of the best out there. Generally the interface consists of a Life Meter with an optional Mana Meter of some kind, usually used for special power moves. Most Fighting Games give each character a set of special moves that are activated through different button command sequences.

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Return to the bloodiest fighting game on PlayStation 4 with more fatalities, a great cast of characters, and better fighting mechanics than ever before. Mortal Kombat 11 delivers a stellar experience for anyone who loves fighting games. The fighting mechanics have received enough of an update to feel streamlined, without taking away the excessive violence that makes Mortal Kombat so much fun. A huge tutorial, amazing graphics and fun story mode all add to the flavor of Mortal Kombat 11 which is easily the best game in the franchise and definitely the best fighting game available on consoles today. In terms of its issues, some of the characters are unbalanced. Due to its newness and attachment to such a trending and popular series, it does have a couple crutches compared to other fighters out there.

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Dragon Ball Z is an anime that is perfect for fighting games, go girl games so this title is just one of many.Budokai Tenkaichi 3boasts one of the largest rosters in the franchise. Most anime translate perfectly to the video game medium, and there are plenty of anime fighting games worth checking out. Soul Calibur VI is the newest entry in the 3D, weapon-focused fighting game series, where warriors worldwide fight to obtain the almighty, magical sword Soul Calibur or the demonic, cursed sword Soul Edge.

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Take note that all the Xbox One games on this list will function on the Xbox Series X and Series S through backward compatibility. This is an Xbox and PC exclusive, and a very good reason to choose the Xbox One over the PS4 for fans of fighting games. Reviewers praise the game’s lack of input lag; Killer Instinct has about half the input lag of most of the other games on this list. Fighting games have been one of the more popular genres of video games ever since the days when gamers crowded around Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat machines in arcades.

While one or two of these will sometimes be high power moves that drain the aforementioned Mana Meter, most of these can be executed at any time. These aren’t Secret A.I. Moves; your computer opponents will assume you can use them and will use them themselves. Still, don’t expect the game to actually tell you what they are, especially for any secret characters you may find. Don’t be fooled into thinking Mortal Kombat XL is just for gore-fiends and those who get their kicks from brutal ultraviolence (although, let’s not kid ourselves, it is chock full of those things).