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Nordfx Review 2020

He did not gain a lot of profit, but he managed without any problems. Currently we are loving its $30 no deposit bonus and deposit bonus up to $5000. Add to this the fact that it’s EU-regulated and there’s nothing more you can ask for.

  • NordFX also lets clients become signal providers to increase their income.
  • NordFX is an online brokerage company, based in Vanuatu that was established in 2008.
  • These trading signals are integrated right into the MetaTrader 4 platforms and let traders connect with thousands of different trading signal providers worldwide.
  • The Signals service has an easy subscription and includes protection against wrong calculations for trading lot sizes as well as excessive deposit loads.
  • It is highly secure for the signals providers and traders and includes transparency for the trading history.
  • Traders can then automatically copy the preferred signals right in their accounts.

Moreover, given that the MT4 is used by so many brokers, it is really easy to switch if you so desire. You do not have to learn how to use a completely different platform with a different layout. When it comes to execution of the orders, the Fix account is executed immediately whereas all the other accounts have market execution. Moreover, when you are on the crypto specific account, you have access to all of those unique crypto indexes.

One benefit of the application is that it provides an intuitive interface as well as many of the functions from MetaTrader 4 to provide for successful trading while mobile. Because of its popularity and widespread use, NordFX traders can use MetaTrader 4 on a lengthy list of devices. There are desktop versions for both Windows and Mac as well as mobile applications for both Android and iPhone. It’s fast when placing sell or buy orders and with the wide selection of trading strategies, you have many order types available.

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Support resources, tutorials, news feeds and high-grade security for transactions are incorporated into the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. The minimum deposit needed for a Fix Account is $10 while a Pro Account requires $250.

Compare NordFX against each of the following brokers and make an informed decision. NFX CAPITAL MU INC. holds a Category 1 Global Business License from the Financial Services Commission of the Republic of Mauritius with number C . MT-ECN account delivers STP/ECN execution with Direct Market Access. Trade on MT4 with raw spreads sourced directly from Currenex Foreign exchange autotrading ECN. Open an account with NordFX to connect with thousands of signal providers and review their performance directly from your MT4 or MT5 terminal. The NordFX broker is a big fan of the Meta Quotes family and offers not one, but two of its products. xTrade is an electronic forex trading application available in mobile application and desktop formats.

NordFX Forex Broker Overview

This is perhaps one of the largest that we have seen amoung Forex brokers recently. For example, you have the guide to markets which gives you an overview and disciplines required to make money in a sustainable way over a longer period of time. Something that we really liked about the RAMM service is that you can determine the level of capital protection on your account. Once this level has been breached, all trading on the account will cease. The RAMM service is also unique as it allows you to invest in numerous different strategies while running only one account. You can use the strategies of expert advisors or you can trade independently if you wish. You can also see a breakdown of their historical trading history.

Trading Conditions

Using and/or implementing any market information to your investment is upon your sole discretion, and Finance Brokerage will not be responsible for any damage and/or loss you may incur. If NordFX decides to rid itself of the account typing, which is its core issue, and a few things surrounding it, it could become a globally competitive force. However, as-is, the entire service falls flat and is easily trampled by competitors. However, the broker also introduces fees to your account on the last step, which is quite an unorthodox move. Pricier versions should bring more benefits instead of introducing downsides. Additionally, we believe that assets shouldn’t be locked behind a paywall in the form of account typing. NordFX is a global brokerage specializing in crypto and CFD trading.

NordFX Forex Broker Overview

The demonstration of profit and loss of any account discussed on does NOT imply that any other account is likely to achieve the similar profit or loss. The information, products, services, related graphics and software on are provided “AS IS” without warranty and guarantee due to inaccuracies, omissions and lags. Their customer support team are available via phone call, live chat and email 24 hours a day and 5 days per week to provide dedicated assistance on any trading issue their clients face. They offer lucrative and attractive affiliate deals to promote their customer support services.

Traders can access the trading platform on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android devices. Your trading strategies can also be easily tested using the MetaQuotes Language 4, built-in indicators as well as other free graphic tools.

They have translated their website into over 10 different languages. However, the brand is also operated by a company that is based in Cyprus called NFX Capital CY Ltd. This company allows NordFX to sell their services in Europe and its address is 14 Louki, Akrita street, Ayias Zonis, 3030, Limassol. NordFX relies mainly on the metatrader 4, but also on the metatrader 5, an improved version of mt4.

Nordfx Regulators

The calendar also shows the impact assessment, history, forecast and the assets involved. Trades can be directly placed from the data available on economic calendar. What to Expect From This Review All clients are verified using “Know Your Customer” procedures. NordFX mandates all clients to provide a ‘proof of identity’ and a ‘proof of address’.

These are not available on the MT4 platform with the Forex accounts. Of course, this will depend on the type of asset that you are trading as well as the account type. To give you an idea of the difference between pairs / accounts, we have the below indicative spread levels for the Forex Accounts . Given that NordFX operates as an ECN broker, the spreads that you are likely to pay on the trading pairs are going to be quite low with some close to 0. The exact leverage that you will be able to get at NordFX will depend on the type of account that you have as well as the asset that you are trading. This means that you can easily trade the top 10 Altcoins or the top 14 cryptocurrencies all at once. It also leads to better diversification from a risk perspective.

NordFX Forex Broker Overview

There is no commission for replenishment; commission for withdrawal depends on the type of account and in some cases, it is also absent. Any trader who registers with NordFX can start a career as a financial instrument trader and become an investor. NordFX is the perfect broker for you if you want to know how to combine active trading and passive investing. It is a godsend that you can first go through practice on a demo account to try your hand before trading on a real account to avoid initial mistakes and losses. It was hard at first, but I was glad that their Technical Support is always ready to help and give an answer to any question at any time of the day.

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Because you will receive additional payments from Traders Union every day while all other functions on your chosen trading platform remain the same. NordFX activities are regulated by VFSC, CySEC, and SEBI licenses, and international regulators. Responsible monitoring by the regulators is a guarantee that the brokerage company will fulfill its obligations. NordFX is a broker with an innovative philosophy, where both a novice trader and a professional trader get favorable conditions to implement their strategies. NordFX offers a low commission level and is its obvious advantage for a trader. NordFXtrading conditions were reviewed by Traders Union analysts for the presence of explicit and hidden commissions.

NordFX Forex Broker Overview

The process of placing buy and sell orders is also very fast on MetaTrader 5. Traders can also expect a more accurate price dynamics analysis, advanced indicators and high speed of order execution when using the platform.

We strongly suggest choosing a broker that has gained a high score through excelling in all departments instead. To learn more about how we test and recommend brokers, read our methodology. Immediately, the account is opened and the account details are displayed on the screen.

Trading Type

For more information on how we treat your personal data, please review our Privacy Policy. Compare broker See what benefits one offers over the other. Find Your Broker We helped new traders to find their path. This broker did not score well during our testing process and is not recommended by our experts.