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Scammers push individuals to spend with iTunes present cards

Scammers push individuals to spend with iTunes present cards

I think the FBI should enter with this if for hardly any other explanation then lots of money of these cards are coming from Seniors retirement benefits that is federal government cash a whole lot; i will be quite certain additionally welfare and that’s unlawful; stealing through the federal government. We continue to have this card and should not get my cash back for any such thing. I will be stuck by having a $250 little bit of paper that says iTunes. I do believe there clearly was multiple thief in this mess because all of the accepted places involved understand. I actually do perhaps not head to iTunes web web web sites; i’m nearly 70 yrs old but right right here i’m simply to allow individuals understand and therefore i am hoping that the businesses will, on their put that is own a at the kiosk in the shops; or even the federal federal government should join up.

One other shops which are ripping down customers who’re ill, and old and simply wish their computer systems to focus appropriate for them to finally obtain fees done don’t deserve to reduce their cash. This can have now been avoided as much as the full time I happened to be during the register if they had just said, “you know there is a scam going around” or something to that effect I know I would not have paid for that card before it was rung up and. Shame regarding the thief, pity on Apple, and just about every other business that allows this get, shamed regarding the pharmacy for perhaps perhaps maybe not telling me personally; pity regarding the relative mind of this pharmacy in making their staff perhaps maybe not tell individuals in order for method they fear due to their jobs, pity on everybody included and shame on me personally if you are stupid. inform everybody you understand concerning this material; not merely the small children; all the teenagers should alert their parents and grand-parents too. you would certainly be doing all your family unit members a great solution.

I am sorry this took place to you personally. You might phone Apple help at 1-800-275-2273 to see when they will allow you to recover your cash. Explain you didn’t give the codes away that you know the money is still on the card, becuase. Please report it to your FTC at, therefore the details is certainly going in to the database that legislation enforcement utilizes for investigations.

You might like to go online for the business head office associated with store that offered you the card and contact some body within the head office to inquire about for a reimbursement. You are able to pose a question to your state Attorney General’s workplace should they often helps.

You might contact some body in your town concerning the television call to use it lines, or speak to your Better Business that is local Bureau.

My buddy said she got 40,000 just for providing $500 itunes card and so they asked me personally the same stated we have 50,000 coming is this a fraud cause she stated these weren’t best in New Mexico cash advance its a 231-437-1074 quantity they stated they certainly were 100% government grant cash guarantee

Which is a scam. The federal government does perhaps perhaps maybe perhaps not phone individuals up and provide away funds.

If some body desires one to spend with iTunes or any other present cards, that is an indication of a scam. You will lose money if you buy an iTunes card for this “government grant.

T-ball06 – i simply got scammed by some body in Washington quantity 202-899-2221 I was got by them for 2400.00 Personally I think apple itunes must have to pay for also though we do buy the cards there ought to be a way we’re able to move out cash back . We ad report this into the ttc but i am surevim screwed regardless of who this claim is put by me into . I am on socail safety a loan was needed by me to cover a number of my fees but rather paid these scammers my fault for achieving this but there ought to be a security from this .

We agree there ought to be some security so am I on SSI earnings once per month and I also have enough to allow it to be from every month i obtained scammed for $$1650.00 it hurts us old individuals We went along to the authorities in which he made me feel i will be wasting their some time my time with this specific he did compose the report this is the reason you will find many off them carrying it out they understand absolutely nothing may happen in their mind it’s a pity

I am sorry about your knowledge about the authorities. Please head to report just exactly what occurred. The knowledge you give gets into a database that state and federal police force nationwide usage due to their investigations.

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Yesterday again I happened to be contacted by a so named US army guy saying he required a $300.00 in I tunes cards I confronted him tellin him I’m sure your a scamer and I also had been quickly obstructed.

Omg which means this Marine corp guy keeps saying he requires assistance with some itunes present cards they deal with isis that he has no access to his accts because hes in a stealth mission in africa where. Therefore i need to find out is the fact that a thing that may be legit ir is it scam I obtained dubious. He friended me personally on added and ig me on google hangouts I happened to be being friendly and had been saying just just just how he likes me personally and all i thought it absolutely was odd but I love to provide the advantage of the question. This individual is just a scammer is not he? Can somebody help a lady out please.

An individual that you don’t understand abruptly buddies you, claims to be a soldier that is us away on a dangerous objective after which begins seeking iTunes card, it appears like a fraud. Read a few of the other reviews right here. You will see reviews that noise such as your remark. iTunes cards are for music, books and online apps — if some one can friend you online, why can not he get online and buy an iTunes card?

Todat somebody out of nowhere was at love beside me an is within the military place in Nigeria. Their title is Mason from Ca, every thing had been fine for iTunes to add minutes into his cell until he ask me. We ask him exactly how much and he say 100, We told him me and now he wants money that he just knows. We knew straight away it absolutely was a scam