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Congregate. Ideate and Co-create.

That is something which they need to be rewarded click the url for and this will make them work harder and achieve more than those who simply receive one hour.

If you are an aspiring youth entrepreneur or budding start-up, the *SCAPE HubQuarters is where you want to be! Centrally-located, HubQuarters is a youth-centric co-working space and community where innovative and impactful business ideas can take flight. At HubQuarters, you’ll be able to:

  • Meet like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Get equipped with resources and support of the *SCAPE community and partners to turn your ideas into reality
  • Be a part of and speak at our many programmes:
    • Startup Hack – Learn new skills from businesses and industry professionals
    • Meet The Masters – Hear from successful entrepreneurs and get inspired
    • Community Huddle – An exclusive Hubbers-only platform where you can share your ideas and hear from your fellow Hubbers
    • Industry Networking – An industry specific networking event, which brings together startups, entrepreneurs and professionals within the space to network
    • And many more!

HubQuarters is where you develop, nurture, and realize your entrepreneurial dreams. Join us!

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