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*SCAPEesports MLBB Community Rallies
18 July 2020| 1pm – 6pm | NOW ON TWITCH



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*SCAPEesports Rainbow Six: Siege Community Workshop
25 July 2020 – Introduction to Rainbow Six: Siege | 12pm – 2pm 
15 August 2020 – Introducing the Operators | 12pm – 2pm
29 August 2020 – Roles of an Operator (Attack/Defence) | 12pm – 2pm
26 September 2020 – Refining your Operator Experience| 12pm – 2pm
3 October 2020 – Map Callouts and Siege Slang| 12pm – 2pm



*SCAPEesports community rallies is a community engagement program targeted at youths looking to be involved in esports.

Community Rallies aims to foster community spirit and cultivate a sense of belonging for youth to meet like-mind individuals on Twitch.

The programme also serves as the platform for community development and experience-based learning through volunteering opportunities.

Be engaged in various monthly engagements and community gatherings where people from different backgrounds, communities and skill levels all come together to game.

The programme will focus on three main game titles this year – Mobile Legends, FIFA 19 and League of Legends!

So, if you love these games, or just want to get to know more people from the esports community, then come on down and game with us! Meet more like-minded youths, improve your skills and most importantly have an awesome time!

1. Monthly Engagements

A get-together that provides a safe space to game and make new friends within the community. Weekly Engagements will be held 3 times a month and will include:

  • Non-competitive gaming sessions
  • Interactive quizzes
  • A topic of the month discussions
  • Curated professional players/streamers interaction

2. Community Gatherings 

A platform for youths to step up and organise activities for the community. This includes:

  • Friendly competitions within the community
  • Fun-filled mini games
  • Lucky draws with attractive prizes to be won
  • Streaming live from our event grounds
  • Casting to hype up the esports atmosphere

3. Viewing

Come down and join us at our mass viewing party for major esports tournaments. Enjoy the fun viewing experience with people from the local esports community.

Don’t want to be just a participant or a spectator? Have an idea to improve the community? Are you interested in running activities for the community but don’t know how?

Join us today as a volunteer or community leader! Sign up now via or email us at