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The Financial Ombudsman cannot consider anything that takes place in a management.

The Financial Ombudsman cannot consider anything that takes place in a management.

And these delays /errors aren’t being carried out therefore the administrators have more interest. The sums of cash are tiny and any additional interest is tiny and simply outweighed by the admin hassle of getting to sort down these problem instances.

Chantal Smith says

I experienced my Wageday advance re payment not a problem. I will be having comparable problems with Wonga administrators. I contact them, they request a guide quantity and ignore the email then. I experienced a classic e-mail account with Wonga they encouraged me they might alter but i’m maybe not certain they ever did and now We don’t know anything 😥

gordon nilsson says

had e-mail from customized services plus they nevertheless considering my payment. although had e-mail straight back just last year with a ref quantity and e-mail in dec 19

iain turner says

We Haven’t gotten any re re payments as a result of this

Me personally neither.

Have experienced the e-mail on 30 to say that payment would be available to my bank account within seven days but nothing so far june.

D Anderson says

Hi can see right now these are generally extremely busy and also as per the e-mail they recommended payments is going to be granted within 2months if sent over modification payday loans new jersey of bank details etc, but has those who have emailed them had any reactions recently via e-mail? Sent emails that are numerous perhaps perhaps perhaps not had any reactions getting actually concerned not too my re payment which can be just short of £500 won’t be here any time in the future, if after all

Nope And I’ve delivered 2 e-mails. I realize they’re busy but an acknowledgement could be good. A good amount of e-mail correspondence end of final where they confirmed they’d received my claim, confirmed change of bank details / email address / address etc so no idea why I didn’t get the email on the 20th or payment year.

Hi Sara, i would like your suggestions about this please. We made an affordability problem to KMPG July 2019, received an e-mail weeks that are few stating:

”We can confirm that your particular loan wasn’t within the product product product sales to Shelby or Lantern, so that as your loan happens to be repaid in complete, you certainly do not need which will make any further repayments to CTL. We shall soon be creating a last are accountable to the credit reference agencies that CTL previously contracted with, so when element of this procedure we report that the loan happens to be paid back.”

We additionally done my claims types and delivered it over, that we needed to send over twice and got an acknowledgment it had been received.

I’m not too much interested when you look at the redress etc, but Lantern keep giving me letters to seeking payment for the pay day loan I experienced, to which KPMG have actually verified is certainly not within the purchase with no further repayments are required.

Do we have actually the best to deliver a problem to FOS, regarding Lantern and their non end letters bare at heart we have actually ahead the e-mail to Lantern without having any response, Lantern also reports back at my credit history and has now this eliminated?

Sara (Financial Obligation Camel) says

Maybe you have delivered Lantern an issue?

No we have actuallyn’t just ahead regarding the e-mail we received from KPMG to date, perhaps not heard right right back from Lantern since 2019 but they are still reporting on my credit file november.

Sara (Financial Obligation Camel) says

then send Lantern an issue: Say you need your debt taken off your credit score.

Thank you ill do just that, any kind of templates that I’m able to utilize?

Sara (Financial Obligation Camel) says

no, this is certainly a really event that is uncommon. Just state exactly what has occurred, you do not owe this financial obligation and get for that it is deleted. Deliver it to your Financial Ombudsman when they reject or usually do not answer within 8 months.

gordon nilsson says

Ha Sara you going love this the shoppers solution have stated which they donot have documents of me just how will it be which they contacted in Aug2019 with consumer quantity once I made claim plus in Nve 2019 by having a e-mail i shall with this anyone to you and any help i needed best wishes gordon

Sara (Financial Obligation Camel) says