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Will be able to police officers watch every thing you search on the Internet

Primary DNS Server: Enter a legitimate IP tackle of the key DNS server.

Secondary DNS Server (Optional): Optionally, enter a legitimate IP tackle of the secondary DNS server. Configure a secondary WAN. To configure a secondary WAN (WAN2), click Increase .

Then use the WAN – Incorporate/Edit web site to configure the link. If you enabled IPv4/IPv6 routing method, full the two tabbed webpages, as described for the principal WAN interface. Click on Okay to help you save your options in the pop-up window.

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Who may be plugged into my wi-fi router

Simply click Conserve to utilize your settings to the safety appliance. To decide how the two ISP one-way links are made use of, configure the WAN redundancy options. See Configuring WAN Redundancy .

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  • If you are owning complications with your WAN link, see Net Relationship, webpage 383 . Network Addressing Mode. The security appliance supports 5 sorts of community addressing modes. You need to specify the network addressing method for the primary WAN and the secondary WAN relying on your ISP specifications.

    Note Verify that you have right community facts from your ISP or a peer router to configure the protection appliance to access the Net. Network Addressing Method.

    Connection sort usually employed with cable modems. Pick out this option if your ISP dynamically assigns an IP tackle on link. NOTE: Except if a transform is demanded by your ISP, it is encouraged that the MTU values be remaining as is. rn

  • MTU: The Most Transmission Device is the measurement, in bytes, of the biggest packet that can be passed on.

    Pick out Auto to use the default MTU dimension, or pick Handbook if you want to specify yet another size. rn

  • MTU Worth: If you decide on Manual , enter the personalized MTU size in bytes. Choose this alternative if the ISP offers you with a static (everlasting) IP address and does not assign it dynamically. Use the corresponding facts from your ISP to finish the pursuing fields:rn
  • IP Tackle: Enter the IP handle of the WAN port that can be available from the Web.


  • Subnet Mask: Enter the IP tackle of the subnet mask. rn
  • Gateway: Enter the IP handle of default gateway. rn
  • MTU: The Greatest Transmission Unit is the size, in bytes, of the greatest packet that can be passed on. Choose Automobile to use the default MTU measurement, or pick Guide if you want to specify a further dimension. rn
  • MTU Value: If you pick Manual , enter the customized MTU measurement in bytes. PPPoE makes use of Level to Position Protocol above Ethernet (PPPoE) to link to the Net. Select this selection if your ISP provides you with shopper software package, username, and password. Use the needed PPPoE info from your ISP to full the PPPoE configuration.


  • Person Title: Enter the username that is essential to log into the ISP. rn
  • Password: Enter the password that is needed to log into the ISP.


  • Authentication Kind: Choose the authentication form specified by your ISP. rn
  • Link Idle Time: Pick out this alternative to permit the security equipment disconnect from the Net immediately after a specified period of time of inactivity (Idle Time). This option is advisable if your ISP costs are primarily based on the time that you expend on the net. rn
  • Keep alive: Decide on this choice to hold the relationship normally on, regardless of the degree of action. This choice is recommended if you pay back a flat fee for your Online provider.